Spend some time with us in the heart of the Hiawatha National Forest at Clear Lake Education Center (CLEC), and see why youth and adults alike can't get enough of the outdoor experiences and learning we offer. Sunday, October 8, 2017 CLEC will hold an OPEN HOUSE to showcase the Center and encourage folks to become part of the Clear Lake Friends Group.
Clear Lake Friends will be a group of dedicated individuals with a passion to lend expertise and energy to the long-term viability of Clear Lake Education Center and a desire to make Clear Lake the best it can be. They work well together and feel connected to the mission of Clear Lake Education Center, its staff, or its location.

Come share your thoughts and ask your questions at the OPEN HOUSE!
To increase ability of CLEC to serve the communities, to augment CLEC's opportunities for grant funding, to support the mission, vision, goals of CLEC now and toward a more sustainable future.

Come find out how you can be part of CLEC'S future at the OPEN HOUSE!
* support - CLEC staff, mission, goals, efforts

* create - opportunities to move forward, become a 501c3 non-profit

* advise - CLEC staff and board in areas such as finance, law, education

* evaluate - programs, goals, achievements

* facilitate - grant writing and volunteer efforts

* communicate - with CLEC staff, CLEC board, communities

* fundraise - events, grants, donor programs

* volunteer - at CLEC or at events

* advocate - share what makes CLEC special

* create quality, memorable experiences

* impact tomorrow's citizens and stewards

* work with other fun-loving folks

* learn more about the environment, today's youth, and each other

* meals and cabins available during work bees and events

* opportunities to canoe, kayak, bike, hike, fish...

* annual special Thank You events to honor the group

* on theHiawatha National Forest, close to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and Seney National Wildlife Refuge