Step 1: Register for your group's visit to Clear Lake. See link at left to follow the steps for that process.
Step 2: Determine cost of your trip to Clear Lake. Check out the link at left for the fee schedule once you've determined the number of adults and students attending.
Step 3: Apply for Financial Assistance by completing the form. Submit the form to the Clear Lake office either by mail or email.
Step 6: Have students write an essay explaining in their own words what they remembered most about their visit to Clear Lake and the benefits of hands-on, outdoor education. Choose 2 to submit to Clear Lake office.
Step 4: Raise funds for trip to Clear Lake - Financial Assistance only covers a portion to help schools get to Clear Lake - the rest is up to you and your students.
Step 5: Attend camp and enjoy the excellent programs put together by exceptional staff, make memories and take pictures!
Step 7: Start the process all over again for next year's class! You can start as early as you like to make sure you get the dates you want and a jump on fundraising.