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The Stewards Group is a registered 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to supporting the Education Center - its mission, its location, its people - through brainstorming, fundraising, work bees, volunteering, and grant writing.

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Who We Are

Stewards Group members at a meeting in 2018.

Board Officers:
President - Dennis Tasson
Vice President - Dick Siebert
Treasurer - Shawn Olson
Secretary - Marc Bobinsky

Members at Large:
Rob Wiener
Estelle Smyth

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What We Do

Time spent at camp, in the woods, with others or alone is a chance to reconnect with yourself as you explore the natural world. It is a chance to be challenged and changed. We support those transformative experiences and want to make sure they are opportunities that continue into the future.

Completed Projects

The Stewards Group has successfully raised the funding, acquired the materials, and provided the volunteer labor to complete two maintenance projects: the repair of our garage roof, and the replacement of our kitchen's floor and center island.

Garage Roof

Wear and damage to the roof of the garage inhibited its use as storage space for materials; years of exposure in our northern climate caused loss of mineral on the shingles and incipient leaks - the new roof will protect our stored items from leaks and weather. Because our other major maintenance project (see below) came in under budget, we were able to purchase high-quality shingles that will ensure longterm protection. Thank you to the Stewards who donated their time to this project: Mimi Klotz, Gregg Bruff, Dick and Elgie Siebert, Marc Bobinsky, Greg and Pam Roll, and Nick and Rachel Faccio.

Kitchen Floor

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The outdated floor of the kitchen had sustained significant damage over the years. The linoleum tiles, which were several decades old, were cracked, stained, and losing adhesive. Due to a generous donation of high-quality luxury vinyl tile from Karndean Designflooring through Fraco Concrete Products, we were able to install a new floor that is attractive, easy to clean, and very durable. We also received through donation a stainless steel central prep counter to replace the the damaged and stationary predecessor. These improvements have made mealtimes for all visitors easier to prepare and clean up!
A HUGE thank you to donors of funds, materials, and time! 

Current Projects

The Clear Lake Education Center Stewards Group, having recently concluded two major maintenance projects, is currently working to select the next. Stay tuned here and on our Facebook page for updates, and check our calendar so you can attend our next meeting.
 If you are interested in helping to further our various goals, visit our Volunteer page or check out how easy it is to donate!

Recent Activities

On April 27th, 2019, members of the Kiwanis Club of Alger County, along with other volunteers, came out to help reopen Clear Lake after a long, snowy winter. Volunteers helped to clear paths, clean and open up our facilities, and get us ready for our spring education season. A huge thanks to our wonderful volunteers.

Become a Stewards Group member today! Complete this brief survey! Use this handy form to send in your membership contribution.
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